It’s not just about how good you feel today…but how well you live your life.

I have always been dedicated to providing the highest quality of care and service, and have been especially pleased to now be able to give my patients the respectful, ongoing, uninterrupted quality time and attention I believe each patient deserves. My concierge medicine practice allows me to enhance the special relationships between my patients and myself that I value so highly, and in many instances, the time we spend together has assisted me in providing even more targeted care. I am pleased and humbled by the positive feedback I continue to receive from my patients.

Morris Hasson, MD, PC | Concierge Physician

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Concierge Medicine Benefits

  • Timely office visits
  • Direct access to me during office hours (and after!)
  • Extended office hours
  • Adult dependent children of members are welcome
  • Care for visiting family and friends
  • A strong focus on preventive medicine and long term health and wellness
  • Personal care and commitment

Congratulations Dr. Hasson

2017 & 2018 Concierge Medicine Top Doc Award